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Communications Committee


Alex Shaw

GKCCA Communications Chair
General Manager @ Agribusiness Risk Services

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Kimberly Midkiff.jpg

Kimberly Midkiff


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Education Committee

Chantal Roberts2.jpg

Chantal Roberts

GKCCA Education Chair Leader
Consultant/Expert Witness/Insurance Geek @ CMR Consulting

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Diana Anderson.jpg

Diana L. Anderson

GKCCA Education Committee
Business Development Manager @ Rimkus Consulting Group

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Danielle Tyler.jpg

Danielle Tyler

GKCCA Education Committee
Regional Business Development Director @ J.S. Held

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Jamin Swaim.jpg

Jasmin Swaim

GKCCA Education Committee
Strategic Solutions Mobilizer @ KCC LLC

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Social Committee

Carmen Martinez.jpg

Carmen Martinez

GKCCA Social Chair Leader
Regional Account Manager @ First Onsite
c913-449-0793 t816-795-9100

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Jason Madden.jpg

Jason Madden

GKCCA Social Committee
Claims Manager @ Alacrity Solutions

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Membership Committee

Anthony Bower.jpg

Anthony Bower

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Sharon Fanning.jpg

Sharon Fanning

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Golf Tournament Committee

Allison Jones.jpg

Allison Jones

GKCCA Golf Chair LeaderBusiness Development Manager at BluSky Restoration Contractors
c913-217-0244 t913-599-4258

Duane Dickson.jpg

Duane Dickson

GKCCA Golf Committee

Owner/Operator/Executive Adjuster at Frontier Adjusters

Carmen Martinez.jpg

Carmen Martinez

GKCCA Golf Committee
Regional Account Manager @ First Onsite
c913-449-0793 t816-795-9100


Nick Verzani

GKCCA Golf Committee

Property Claims Manager at Travelers

Mentoring Committee

This committee will be comprised of at least a one-to-two ratio filled by a Insurance Professional and Industry Professional.  This committee is responsible for fostering relationships among veteran Insurance and Industry Professionals with new individuals coming into the Insurance and Finance world.  This will include working with local colleges on developing an outreach program to initiate engagement among younger individuals interested in Insurance. 

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